The Cally Market has a wonderful vibe with a variety of fresh produce and original designs. The core of the market is quality: whether this be a loaf of bread, a cut of meat or organically grown fruit and veg. Because we want to offer variety, you may also find that on certain weeks, we have beautiful handmade items, amazing arts & crafts, vintage clothes or even books and original paintings.

Situated on the Caledonian Road, on Tilloch Street, just to the south of the Caledonian and Barnsbury station by Kennedy’s Pub (Story Street bus stop). The market opens every Saturday between 10am and 4pm.

You will also find a variety of small independent and individual shops, and we have some delightful cafes for you to enjoy a coffee or a tea after your stroll around the stalls.

We aim to offer the discerning shopper a variety of high quality goods at a reasonable price!

With our joint aim of creating a good market with a community vibe, the intention is not only for people to shop but to be part of a social hub, both for locals and for visitors. Please see our news page for any activities that may interest you.

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